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Knowing how much you’re spending and what it’s going on is half the battle when working to a budget.

Our planner may help. It’s a handy tool – the results are only a guide for your information, not a quotation or a decision one way or another.

First, decide who you’re filling this out for.  Is it just your details or is there other income and expenditure in the household to include?


Policies and pension plans

If your pension comes straight from your salary as a payroll payment, you don’t need to include it as a separate item.  When you fill in the monthly income section, you should just fill in the amount you receive after all deductions.

If you send a cheque or have a payment from your bank account each month to pay into your pension, include this amount separately in the expenditure section.

Loans and other credit

Use this section for your monthly payments only where you are paying off a balance.  If you clear the balance at the end of every month – say  you spend £350 each month on food shopping using your credit card, but then pay the bill in full when you receive it, enter the spend in the Housekeeping/Cost of Living section.