About OwnCo Homes and Rent to Own

About OwnCo Homes

  • Company registered in Northern Ireland with company number NI619748
  • Wholly owned private subsidiary of Co-Ownership Housing
  • Works on not-for-profit principles
  • Funded by interest-free loans from government
  • Set up to operate the Rent to Own scheme
  • Registered as a landlord under the Landlord Registration Scheme.

About Rent to Own

  • Launched in 2016
  • An affordable housing initiative for Northern Ireland to help renters become home owners, it’s a fixed term rental commitment with an opportunity for home ownership
  • Properties and tenants must qualify.

About Co-Ownership Housing

  • Trading name of Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Housing Association Limited
  • Registered Housing Association, R33
  • Industrial and Provident Society, IP200
  • Accepted as a charity by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs), reference XR62384
  • Application pending for registration as a charity with the Charity┬áCommission for Northern Ireland
  • Operates the Co-Ownership equity sharing scheme, exclusive to Northern Ireland.